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by janita on August 28, 2011
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Hello and welcome back! I would like to introduce you to my family. Here are a few details that will paint a better picture of who my mother and father were, as well as their character.

Khan Ling’s Chinese father married a Japanese physician. Although there were riots in Nanjing city, my grandfather was a faithful follower of The Goddess of Mercy at the Linngu Temple, and he built a humble retreat right beside it. It was at this temple in 1910 that my father Khan Ling was born and raised by the monks.

My grandfather dedicated his only son before heaven to serve his country, China, during the turmoil of war. My father’s destiny could not be realized without my mother’s sacrifices and her nurturing love.

My mother, Chow Che Yu, was a beautiful and gracious woman with unfailing love for my father. She single-handedly took charge of the evacuation of our family during the Japanese invasion. With a large family of children, aunts, uncles, and servants, she fled from cities to remote villages for almost two years while my father was fighting in the front lines of the war.

She once told me that she had pure gold pounded into thin square leaves, and that she had sewn them inside all our padded jackets. The gold stayed hidden there until she needed money to buy food or lodging, or to pay for a midwife to deliver her babies. She traveled on foot through the mountains to keep her family safe from warlords and bandits. Her determination to survive strengthened her will and gave her courage to endure those extraordinarily dangerous times.

Read more about these interesting people during these fascinating times in my book, Rising Son: Reflections of a Chinese Gentleman Warrior.

Blessings to your life journey, Janita

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