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by janita on August 24, 2014
About Janita

The new books I am writing are a series of children stories and fables of ancient China. I call this collection of work “Tales Of The Orient” and it includes several short stories with the following titles:

The Lantern Goddess (story by Janita Lo and screenplay by Norman Fitts, animated film by Emerald Animation Studio – in progress)
Mulan, A Lady Warrior (story by Janita Lo and screenplay by Norman Fitts)
The Seeker’s Journey (story by Janita Lo and screenplay by Norman Fitts)
The Haunted Scroll Painting (story completed)
The Willow Bride (story completed)
The Great Race (a Chinese Zodiac calendar story, in progress)

Each of these fascinating fictional stories encapsulates that magical period of ancient China, its unique culture, and human spirit. This collection of short stories is roughly 50-100 pages and can expand with illustrations; or it could develop into an audio book, or animated films. These stories appeal to young readers who enjoy tales of exotic cultures from far-away lands, and the popular characters of the ancient dragon, the golden phoenix, the goddess, the wise emperor, the Chinese princess, and enchanted animals. As an Asian author I am excited to convey these stories to an American audience. There are a lot of great principles and lessons woven into the stories, but the tales are still very fun and entertaining. It also has the potential to serve as an educational reading collection for teaching purposes, such as the public school systems to teach kids on how to build good character.

Educational, entertaining, and enlightening in so many aspects, “Tales Of The Orient” will be a timely addition to the contemporary young readers’ collections, especially considering the increasing role and visibility of China in our everyday lives.

Updated news!

The Lantern Goddess is now being made as an animated film in Houston by Emerald Animated Studios, headed by creative director and producer, Geoff R. Casavant. You can check them out on Facebook at facebook.com/EmeraldAnimation/info for more information. Casting of voices has been completed, as well as research for details of authentic ancient characters, costumes, hairstyles, architecture, and scenery for this animated film. We intend to enter this at various film festivals for competition. Depending on the response and feedback on this film, Emerald Animated Studios may begin working on additional animated films for “The Seeker’s Journey” and “Mulan”, since both already have a screenplay ready to be developed into films.

My goal is not only to market these films to the general public, but also to schools and teachers for 3rd to 5th graders. The young students will be able to learn about the ancient foreign culture of China and about building one’s character through humility, obedience, respect, family value, and honor, which are the traits that are tragically lost in America in this day and age.

These stories may also appear in print, including eBooks, audiobooks, and YouTube in the near future.

Please check out the link for Emerald Animated Studios and its blog posts about the progress in creating “The Lantern Goddess”.


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