Khan Ling and Chow Che Yu

Khan Ling at age 30. 1940

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My father was so good-looking, that even my school friends would choose my house to study in so that they could look at his handsome face.

Family Mementos

Red Jade Engagement Token. 1909

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My mother was betrothed to my father while she was still in her mother’s womb. This engagement token was exchanged between their parents during a carriage ride to evade the rising warlords’ attacks in the city of Nanjing in 1910. The antique blood red jade, laced with a silver dragon and phoenix with butterflies around the rim, belonged to my father’s grandmother, Princess May Szee. granddaughter of Emperor Xian Feng.

2011 Trip to China

Map of Purple Golden Mountain

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Map of the Purple Golden Mountain, Nanjing. This map shows Sun Yat–Sen’s Mausoleum, the red building in the center. Above it and to the right (circled in red) is the Linngu Temple where my father was born in 1910.

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