Khan Ling and Chow Che Yu

Khan Ling at age 30. 1940

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My father was so good-looking, that even my school friends would choose my house to study in so that they could look at his handsome face.

Family Mementos

Empress Cixi Birthday Feast China. 1880

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Empress Cixi Dowager’s birthday feast china, specially made to commemorate the celebration.

2011 Trip to China

1942-1944 Hong Kong residence for Khan family. 2011

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During the Japanese occupation in Hong Kong, this large house is where my father's family lived. My parents lived on the top floor of this nearly-9000 square foot home. All the children lived on the left side on the top floor. The second floor on the right side housed the ladies' servants, and the left side is where my father kept ducks, geese, and hunting dogs. The first floor on the right side was the compound for the bodyguards, male servants, chauffeurs and chefs. There was a secret tunnel that led from the house to the hill behind it for escape.

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