Khan Ling and Chow Che Yu

Khan Ling written in Chinese characters.

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These Chinese characters of my father's name have a very in-depth meaning. The top one is his last name, Khan. The bottom one is his first name, Ling, which is broken into two parts. The top part of the Ling character means 'rain', and the bottom part means 'forest'. The reason he was named this is because there was a drought in Nanjing for months before his birth. On the day my father was born, it rained heavily upon the mountain.

Family Mementos

Empress Cixi Birthday Feast China. 1880

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Empress Cixi Dowager’s birthday feast china, specially made to commemorate the celebration.

2011 Trip to China

Map of Purple Golden Mountain

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Map of the Purple Golden Mountain, Nanjing. This map shows Sun Yat–Sen’s Mausoleum, the red building in the center. Above it and to the right (circled in red) is the Linngu Temple where my father was born in 1910.

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