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Rising Son: Reflections of a Chinese Gentleman Warrior

“I am Khan Ling, son of Khan Bei, a descendant of Genghis Khan; the only heir of my grandfather, Khan Gong Shun, Royal Army Commander of the Ch’ing Dynasty and of my grandmother, Princess May Szee, daughter of the Emperor Xianfeng….These are merely the particulars of my lineage. It is not so much the people, but rather the circumstances and my own choices that have made me who I am today.”

Thus begins the story of Khan Ling.

In Rising Son, Reflections of a Chinese Gentleman Warrior, Janita Lo tells the story of her father, Khan Ling, in his own voice, bringing life to the stories he told her as a child. Ranging through the turmoil of early twentieth century China, the story of Khan Ling is a tale of bravery, excitement and intrigue, but also a tale of loss and loneliness. Janita Lo, speaking in the voice of her father, expresses the longings of a young boy growing to adulthood in the tumultuous era before and including World War II.

Khan was born in a Buddhist temple to a Chinese father and a Japanese mother. After the death of his father, Khan was reared at the temple by the monks who lived and studied there. Though surrounded by caring teachers, he missed the comfort and care of his mother and father. Later on he would lose his mother to tragedy. These events would color his life and exploits throughout a long life.

Khan Ling served in the Chinese intelligence department under Chiang Kai-shek in the conflict with Japan. During this time, China was debating the role of western influences as the country shifted from dynastic rule into an industrialized society. Throughout these events, Khan Ling struggled with the internal conflict of his half-Chinese and half-Japanese lineage, though he did eventually place his loyalty firmly with China. He fought against the Japanese underground and was able to help release many Chinese families held captive by the Japanese in Hong Kong.

“This is more than a story about a man of heroic achievement,” says Janita Lo, “It’s a study of the human soul, about young love, romance, chivalry, loss, longing and the desire for the nurturing of a family.”

Honestly and with historical accuracy, Janita Lo transports us to Khan Ling’s China, where danger and opportunity walked hand in hand and where a young Chinese gentleman fulfilled his destiny. Experience patriotism, heroism, bravery, compassion, love, romance and human spirit under extraordinary circumstances in “Rising Son: Reflections of a Chinese Gentleman Warrior.”

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